• Own material production plant – our enterprise owns a modern timber frame house source material factory, the maximum capability of which is up to 10 houses per month. For clients it means that the order will be fulfilled on time and without any unforeseen delay, how it may happen with builders, who do not have their own material plant and they have to rely on material delivery from another place. Moreover, in our factory we personally control the quality of the manufactured materials.
  • Ecology of materials  materials are ecologically pure, because they are not treated with harmful chemical substances. For example, timber framework panels are not treated with antipyrens, instead a fire-resistant gypsum ensures the fire safety. The wood used in the material production makes the building of Māju Fabrika ecologically friendly to the surrounding environment – it is brought from so called sustainable forestry that pays attention to the economic, social and ecology aspects and is certified with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate.