The production of wooden frame house materials is performed according to high quality criteria, which is attested by several international standards. The quality and operative production of Māju Fabrika materials are guaranteed by the following preconditions:

  • CE labelling on timber that confirms the correspondence of the material to the requirements of the European Union for environmental protection, health and safety.
  • CE labelling means that product compliance assessment procedures have been performed: laboratory tests, which have detected that the producer has scrupulously complied with the EU directives in the material production process.
  • Correspondence to the ISO 9001 standard that applies to the material production process quality management system of our company. ISO 9001 is the most recognised management system standard in the world that sets forth the requirements for the company management system for achieving the quality goals and requirements. The company, the management system of which meets the ISO 9001 standard, strictly follows the correspondence of the products to a high quality.